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Hi, I’m Tom Anderson, author, recipe creator and photographer of saltfree.com a website dedicated to low-sodium heart-healthy recipes.

Saltfree.com was created in 1996 with my late father, David C. Anderson. The website was a natural extension of the salt-free lifestyle our family was living. When my father was diagnosed with high blood pressure and ordered off salt by his doctor we began experimenting in the kitchen and embarked on a zealous hunt for salt-free products and food. While life with a drastic reduction of sodium meant the sacrifice of foods we used to love like pastrami or hotdogs, it also meant the discovery of new dishes that were just as satisfying. 

The concept of the saltfree.com website continued to grow out of years of research and experience with cooking as a self-taught chef.

After twenty three years, it is still exciting to discover new low-sodium heart-healthy foods and it has become a personal goal to continue cooking and sharing low-sodium recipes with your family.

At saltfree.com we wish to share our recipes with you.

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A Sophisticated Chocolate Chip Cookie
A Sophisticated Chocolate Chip Cookie
Tomato and Zucchini Bake
beef stew with winter vegetables