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The American Heart Association estimates that 50 million Americans are afflicted with high blood pressure. In addition, 4.7 million Americans have congestive heart failure, and close to 400,000 more people develop this disease each year. For people affected by these conditions, as well as Meniere’s syndrome, doctors usually prescribe a low-sodium diet as part of treatment. Sufferers and even those at risk are told to avoid salt in their diets — but where can one find no-salt food that actually has flavor?

The No-Salt Cookbook, by David C. Anderson and Thomas D. Anderson, helps people tackle the no-salt/ no-flavor dilemma with gusto. No longer do food lovers on salt-free diets have to suffer; this combination cookbook/health book provides more than 200 tasty salt-free recipes, as well as salt-free shopping tips, information on counting milligrams, and all the no-salt cooking essentials needed to stay fit and enjoy eating.